Age Restricted Designation

We are a Common Interest Community. We have the distinction of being designated a 55 plus active adult community by the town of Granby. One resident or owner must be at least 55 years of age.  And no full-time resident of the unit may be under age nineteen.


The association is governed by an elected Board of Directors that operates in accordance with the Connecticut Common Interest Ownership Act (CIOA), our declaration, bylaws, rules and regulations.

The bylaws call for a board of at least 3-5 members. There is an election each May at a unit-owners’ meeting when half of the members are up for election for a two-year term. The Board meets at the club house the third Wednesday of each month from 2- 4 PM; all unit owners are invited and encouraged to attend. An agenda is circulated prior to the meeting and Owners Comments is a standard item on the agenda. All meetings are conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules for Small Meetings. The board presents an operating budget annually at a September unit owners meeting. The budget then is adopted unless a majority of unit owners present (one vote per unit) request revisions. Proxy votes are allowed for those not able to attend.

Volunteer Committees

Assisting the board in its mission to protect and enhance the value of Hunt Glen are a number of standing and ad hoc committees. The standing committees include Hospitality, Club House, Building and Grounds and Investments. The many dedicated residents who serve on these committees are the life blood of the community.

Monthly Assessments

The Home Owners’ Fee is payable monthly and the amount is set annually according to the approval of the budget. This fee includes payment for our management company, our all-inclusive insurance policy, landscaping and snow removal, building and grounds maintenance, clubhouse maintenance and operations, and a monthy contribution to the special reserve fund.  

Restricted Fund

Since its inception, the Association has made monthly contributions to a Reserve Fund. This fund is money set aside for capital improvements only. These improvements include such things as roof replacement for all units, replacement of decking on decks and porches, re-siding homes and the clubhouse, and resurfacing asphalt for roads and driveways.  The Board decides when these capital improvements will be necessary and how the reserve funds will be utilized.  Until the time these funds are needed, the Board has directed an investment committee to ensure these funds are conservatively invested to ensure growth.

Management Company

Our management company is hired by the Board to ensure that our buildings and grounds are properly maintained.  This company oversees procurement and our outside contractors.  The company also assists unit owners with any concerns regarding their property. They publish the quarterly newsletters which are mailed or e-mailed to all unit owners.  They also provide re-sale information to unit owners selling their homes.  They manage all financials, work with our treasurer and ensure that all book-keeping is audited independently annually.  A designated property manager attends all board and unit owner meetings.

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